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Traffic Control in Denver

Traffic Control in Denver can be tricky. The sudden change in the weather and mountainous  terrain can and will play a part in the design of the traffic control plan. Rocky Mountain Signing can be your one stop shop for all of your traffic control needs in Denver. All work zones (lane closures) require an MHT (method of handling traffic) also known as a traffic control plan.


Once your traffic control plan is designed and approved, you will know what traffic control devices you will need to rent. Rocky Mountain Signing carries a large inventory of Traffic Control Devices including arrow boards, message boards, signs, stands, cones, barricades, flashing lights, attenuators, truck mounted attenuators and more.


Once you have your plan and list of traffic control devices, you can then decide if you would like to rent the traffic control devices and install per the traffic control plan yourself or have Rocky Mountain Signing install the traffic control devices for you. Should you choose to set the closure yourself, make sure it is set exactly per the traffic control plan. Any deviation with the traffic control devices from the approved traffic control plan, could result in an accident, injuries and even death.


If you don’t have certified, skilled traffic control personnel already working for you, it’s best to hire a traffic control company like Rocky Mountain Signing to perform this work. Having the knowledge and the right equipment when setting your lane closures will make the difference in having a safe and profitable project. Rocky Mountain Signing is the largest independently owned traffic control company in Colorado operating for over 25 consecutive years. 

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Rocky Mountain Signing is a traffic control company offering traffic control equipment rentals. This includes attenuator trucks, message boards, concrete barriers, and certified flaggers. We service several areas in Colorado, including Parker, Denver, Aurora. Littleton, Englewood, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Larkspur, Monument, & Colorado Springs. Contact us today for all of your traffic management needs!


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